It’s the end of the walk as we know it

Week 6, Day 2. And if I was going to continue stealing lyrics from R.E.M., I’d say, “And I feel fine.” Today was our official last day of training that includes any walking. We ran 2 10-minute stretches today and walked for 3 minutes in between.

I’m not sure if I feel “fine” about this or not. But we’ve already passed the mental hurdle of running 2 miles without walking, so I know my body can physically do it. Now, it’s just putting my feet one in front of the other and doing it for increasingly longer stretches. Next up is a 2 and 1/4 mile run.

What I really need to remember is that 6 weeks ago, the idea that I’d even be running for 5 or 10 minutes at a time without wheezing, puking or passing out was improbable to me. We’ve come a long way, baby.


One thought on “It’s the end of the walk as we know it

  1. I’m crazy proud of you guys and your dedication. It’s amazing to me that you’re so dedicated and keeping it up! I am so bad at finishing things, this really inspires me!

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