I might have a drinking problem

Week 6, Day 1. Brrrr. That’s how we started the morning. Barely 40 degrees. Wearing pants and headgear. The kids have the best spot on days like this. They stay toasty warm under a blanket in the jogging stroller. Gloves are the next must-have for my running gear. Cold fingers = not fun.

Today’s training included some walking again. 5 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking; 8 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking; 5 minutes of running. I felt extra confident when we started. Since we had “conquered” the 2-miles, no walking a few days ago, I was sure today’s plan would be a breeze. Ha. The last 5 minutes nearly did me in. I have no explanation. We have only one more day that includes any amount of walking; after that, we’re all running, all the time. Exciting. Scary. Challenging.

I haven’t lost any weight the last two weeks. I gained a pound a week ago and stayed the same this week. I’m kind of disappointed. But I think it’s my fault. See,  I have a drinking problem. Actually, it’s an eating problem. We usually run in the morning, and since the first day, I haven’t eaten any breakfast before we run because I don’t want to throw up. So, when the run is over, I’m starving. A friend warned me about this: runners who actually gain weight from eating too much even though they’re burning calories by running. Typically, I eat a bagel with peanut butter. Maybe not the best post-run choice? Sometimes followed up by a banana or orange or some yogurt.

I’m not sure breakfast is really the problem, though. I’m a bit of a snack-a-holic. Especially if I’m tired (which is a lot lately) or bored (only occasionally). There’s also the monthly hormone-induced chocolate attack. Basically, I lack self-control when it comes to eating. Phil says I need to drink more when I feel like I’m starving. Our post-run drinks include one of these lovely Powerade Zero beverages and water, water and more water.

Any thoughts? What is good post-run food? And do you have any tips for curbing the snackies?

I’m grateful for the exercise we’re getting and I know that even if I don’t lose a bunch of weight, my body is getting healthier in other ways. But I’m pretty sure I should be losing weight as part of this plan, too.


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