Leap of faith

Week 5, Day 2. Tiredness took over before we even hit the street this morning. Low to mid 40s when we loaded up the jogging stroller. Our session called for two 8-minute runs with a 5-minute walk in between. The first 8 minutes, I willed myself to not look at the stopwatch too soon, and when I did, nearly five minutes had passed. I was so encouraged that the next three minutes passed pretty quickly. The second 8 minute-run, however, not so much. I looked at the time too early, so the remainder sort of dragged.

But once again, at the end of the run, I felt good physically. So, looking ahead to our next training session, the 2-mile no-walking day, it’s not a matter of knowing my body can handle it; it’s convincing my brain that I can do it. We’re fast approaching the time when we’ll lose the walking altogether. I’m scared, but I know if we don’t make this leap now, I won’t want to make it at all.

No turning back now.


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