Cool running

Week 4, Day 3. On to week 5. Has it really been almost 5 weeks since we started this crazy journey? We’re close to halfway, a little more than a month out from our 5K and this time next week, we’ll be running 2 miles, no walking.

As we finished week 4 today, I felt good. The run wasn’t as difficult as it was Monday. My legs held out and actually didn’t feel weak when we were done. The downside today was it was barely 40 degrees outside when we started. I didn’t wear gloves. I really wanted gloves.

The weather is going to force a bit of a transition in clothing and preparation, I think. But even the cool temps couldn’t deter me this morning. I want to see this thing through to the end.

Our next couple of workouts will be hard, but I’ve thought that before. If  I expect it to be hard, maybe it’ll go better than I thought? I guess only time will tell.

What I’ve appreciated about this running plan is the gradual increases in running times. I would have been overwhelmed if we’d have just started running two miles (not to mention injured, discouraged and worn out). As we complete each week, my physical endurance builds and so does my confidence.

Have you ever looked at a trial someone is going through and thought, “I don’t know how they do it; I could never go through that.”? I think it’s like the running. Events in their life have strengthened and encouraged them and prepared them for this trial, no matter what it is. And when they look at it, they see how difficult it is, but by God’s grace and His power working in them, they continue on the course set before them and find a strength and endurance they didn’t know they had.

Even if they have to take it one step at a time.


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