Inside of me there’s an athlete dying to get out

Week 4, day 1. Now, it’s getting serious. Of the 21 1/2 minutes of training we did today, we ran 16 of those minutes. Not continuously yet, but still, when I looked at our workout that way, even I was impressed with how far we’ve come. This week’s training includes two 5-minute runs, our longest stretch of running to date. Being the keeper of the stopwatch, I tried to discipline myself not to look too often at the time as it was passing. Such a temptation to watch the seconds tick away.

When we started out this morning, I was a little grumpy. Tired from being awake before 6 a.m. with a fussy baby. Hungry from delaying breakfast till after our run (my usual habit when we run in the early morning). Overwhelmed by our plans for the day after our run. By the time we finished the run, I was in a great mood. My husband says I’m learning what the runner’s high feels like.

Even though my legs were talking to me after the run, I felt amazing. At times, I even felt like my feet were carrying me. Like I didn’t even have to try to make them move. Is that the mental part of running?

I haven’t really been an athlete since high school, far too long ago to admit to here, but I’m sensing that she’s re-emerging. She’s been given a taste of regular exercise again, and she wants to keep it up. And she wants to give it her best shot. To excel. She’s been in hiding far too long.

Welcome back, friend.


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