Looking ahead

Week 3, Day 3. One-third of the way to our 5K. We ran a new route today, which took us past the seminary and our church’s denominational headquarters, which means we saw lots of people we know as we ran today. Even though we’ve been talking about it, and I’ve been blogging about it, having our friends see us running or walking with the jogging stroller was different. Like we finally went public with our new sport/hobby.

My legs are feeling it more today. Stretching was, well, a stretch today. The kids were a bit cranky and needed some attention just before we left and after we got back. We ran around lunch time again today, not something we’re planning to make a habit of, but we’re being flexible to make sure we get three runs in a week with some rest times in between. So, I feel like I could have had better quality stretching. But I can’t complain too much. I can still walk.

Two days till our next run, the start of another new week. So, we looked ahead to see what we’ll be doing next. It’s starting to get serious. In less than two weeks, we’ll be running two miles. What????!!!!!  One day at a time. I don’t think I’ve ever run two miles. I’m a little freaked out but excited at the same time.

Do you remember your first mile or two miles of all running and no walking? How did you prepare yourself mentally for it, and what did you feel when you were finished?


One thought on “Looking ahead

  1. First mile or two or all running and no walking…stay positive…get pumped…get motivated…and focus on what you have already done and not on what you have left to do. When you are finished you’ll feel fantastic! Don’t forget – the first mile is the hardest for anyone!

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