3 is the magic number

Week 3, Day 1. Saturday’s training included a 3-minute run, no walking. So far, that’s our longest stretch of straight running. I was a little nervous, but like anything else, it’s partly mental. And, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, also like the rest of the running so far. We took the kids again, even though the temperature when we left the house was barely 50 degrees.

Because of the chill in the air, I made a rookie mistake: wearing pants. By the time the run was over, I was hot from the waist down. My husband, who is more experienced at running in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures, said it would have been better to wear shorts and a long sleeve shirt instead of long pants and a long sleeve shirt. I think I agreed with him afterward but would love to hear how others of you deal with the cold while running. The 5K we’re looking at is the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I don’t know what the temperature will be like. But the next month or so should give me a better idea what running in cool weather is like.

We’re learning to be flexible and creative with our running schedule, making a point to find three days in a week to fit in our run. I shed a little more weight this week, and Phil was asked today if he’s been losing weight. He doesn’t rely on those sorts of measurements to track his progress, but I’m hoping we both see results, physically, from this training.

Another set of 3 minute runs tomorrow. I can’t believe I actually look forward to this now.


2 thoughts on “3 is the magic number

  1. It’s so cool to see you guys giving the running thing a go. I’ve been waiting to see what you think of it after every run. As someone that has gone through the couch to 5k not once, but twice, I found it to be a really good program that built confidence and endurance at a very achievable rate. I know looking out a few weeks the days that contain more runs than walks may seem rather daunting, but believe me if you stick with it things will come together quite nicely. Besides with the two of you pushing each other it’s a great support system.

    So cold and running that’s something I can relate to :). For me in Wisconsin I’m certainly starting to get my share of cold mornings for my runs. For me I find the morning to be my best time to run. It seems that my legs are pretty much dead by the end of the day especially if I’ve been standing a bunch. So here’s a schedule of what I wear for different temperature ranges: 50 degrees or above it’s just shorts and t-shirt. 45 to 50 I would go with 2 t-shirts and shorts. At 40 to 45 I will add a stocking hat and a pair light work gloves along with the 2 t-shirts and shorts. 35-40 it will be stocking hat, 2 t-shirts, work gloves, shorts and windpants. 30-35 is when I go to stocking hat, 1 t-shirt, windbreaker, work gloves, shorts and windpants. 25-30 the stocking hat gets switched for a full face stocking hat that just has my eyes and nose exposed, 1 t-shirt, windbreaker, work gloves, shorts and windpants. Below 25 I’m starting to add many more layers that you probably don’t want to hear about at this point, but I would guess this would give you an idea of my attire for a Wisconsin running season.

    Another piece to note at this point for you guys is that with you still running and walking you are going to cool off a bit between the running segments so keep that in mind. I’m wearing the above listed items for runs of 2.5 to 4 miles at a time and by the end of those runs I’m starting to get pretty hot also for most of my runs these days I’m running in the dark so my suggestions for clothing may be a bit of a sliding scale for runs during the daylight hours.

    Well, that’s enough for now. Keep it up guys. Can’t wait to see how the 5k goes at the end.

  2. Currently I wear a light fabric pant with a t-shirt. The advantage of running with kids is that you can do layers and in route peel them off and throw them on or under the stroller.

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