First run

Week 1, Day 1 completed.

If you’d have told me even a month ago that I would have run/walked for 20 minutes on purpose, because I wanted to, I would have said you were crazy.

But we did it today. And I actually looked forward to it. There were some tough moments. My husband’s stride is longer than mine, so we had to make some adjustments so I wouldn’t wear myself out trying to keep up with him. I had to remind myself not to go too fast too soon.

When the last minute of running was done, I had to will myself not to throw up. My lungs were burning. My legs wondered what had happened. And I felt a little bit sick. But by the time we finished the walk back to our friends’ house, where the kids were playing, I felt good.

Now, over an hour after we finished, I feel great. My legs hurt. I’ve discovered muscles I hadn’t used in a long time. I’ll probably feel worse tomorrow, and I’m sure when we set out to do this again on Monday that I might dread it.

But I’m excited.

Small steps.

Thanks for the support and encouragement already.