Lisa’s believe it or not

I can’t believe some parents let their kids eat Happy Meals and French fries and hot dogs.

I can’t believe some parents let their kids run around a restaurant when they’re finished eating. Or climb all over the booth during dinner. Or sit in windows and put their feet on the table while others are still eating.

I can’t believe some parents let their kids ride in the basket portion of the cart, or hang off the end of the cart, instead of making them walk or securing them in a seat.

I can’t believe some parents bribe their children with ice cream, cookies, candy or popsicles to elicit good behavior.

I can’t believe some parents allow and even encourage their children to watch more than an hour of television/movies, just to have a break.

I can’t believe some parents entertain their children with movies while riding in the car.

I can’t believe some parents succumb to brand marketing, buying their children everything they can find with the child’s favorite character on it.

I can’t believe some parents say “yes” when they really mean “no” just to avoid a public tantrum.

Above all, I can’t believe I am guilty on all counts of this list of parental crimes.

What acts of parenting in your life surprise even you?


2 thoughts on “Lisa’s believe it or not

  1. Love it!!!
    It reminds me of the quote that goes something like “I used to be the perfect parent and have all the answers…then I had kids” Even after Grace, I used to pat myself on the back that she wouldn’t touch the candy on Grandma’s end table without asking, she wouldn’t climb all over the furniture, etc..then I had Christopher and I realized I still didn’t have a clue on how to parent–LOL. So now I just try to think “well, that’s what is best for that child, I can’t say what I’d do in that situation because I’m not the parent to that child.”
    Having 2 children with two totally different personalities, have taught me so much. Then Aaron seems to be the perfect mix of both their personalities.
    I regret a lot of how we parented Grace when she was younger, but not so much I regret once I realized that I just have to parent how it seems best and not worry about how other say to parent. There isn’t much that surprises me now, except that for some reason my kids still forgive me for my screwups and at the best of times and worst of times, still come to me and want to be with me.

  2. I can’t believe that before I was a parent, I thought any of that stuff mattered!! Those things are so little compared to what your real job is! Doing those things or not doesn’t determine whether you are doing it right. It’s more about unconditional love than it is about how many hot dogs they’ve consumed. They learn more about what is important and what is right and wrong just by watching you then they will ever soak up through whatever tv show.

    you’re doing a great job!!

    love ya,

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