Water world

Monday was another aunt-and-uncle day. I’ve said it before, but Isabelle and Corban are so blessed to have wonderful aunts and uncles in their lives. Since Phil and I are not yet an aunt or uncle, we feel like we have a lot to live up to, if and when that happens.

We headed to Davenport to pick up Aunt Charlotte and meet Uncle Zach at his school, Palmer College of Chiropractic. We ate a yummy lunch and got the grand tour of the campus. Although there were many neat parts, Isabelle particularly enjoyed the koi pond. This was after she wandered into a random office because she spied a fish tank. Fortunately, it was just a waiting area and no one was in there. Maybe it was watching “Finding Nemo” so much when she was younger, but the girl loves fishies. We even have to wander down that aisle in Wal-Mart if we happen to be in the neighborhood.

After Palmer, we hit the new splash pad in Rock Island. Once again, our little fishie found a home amongst the sprinklers and water pools.

The Elmo swimsuit is certainly getting used. I’m on the lookout for next year’s size because I know our world will revolve around water, especially if it’s hot. She also continued to make friends who share her interests. I’m not sure if Isabelle is a leader or a follower, but she constantly finds herself in situations like this. She’s kind of bossy, but I think that comes with being 2.

She’s always reluctant to leave when she’s having fun. Who wouldn’t be? Charlotte thinks a splash pad for adults would be awesome. I concur. Why do kids get to have all the fun?

We squeezed in a little bit of playground time before leaving the riverfront. Corban enjoyed that, given that he had to spend most of the splash pad visit in the stroller. Really, he’s enjoying it. This is the closest I could get to a smile on the camera.


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