So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

Today was our last day in Illinois before heading back to Pennsylvania. No matter how short or long our visit, it always seems to go by quick. We packed a lot into this visit, which means we’re tired, worn out, off schedule and sleep-deprived but also full of memories and experiences we wouldn’t exchange for sleep or rest.

Our last day was spent, I bet you can’t guess, eating with family and friends. Phil requested his birthday meal (a week and a half early) from his mom for today, so we celebrated his German heritage with bratwurst and sauerkraut, sweet and sour cabbage, potato pancakes and a frosted cookie cake. I will add that I am not a big fan of sauerkraut, but in keeping with my recent streak of eating foods I’m not that fond of, I ate a little with my brat and I survived. Even though the smell in the kitchen almost knocked me over when I walked through the door. For us, love means never having to cook sauerkraut in our kitchen even if it is something my husband enjoys. Hmm … maybe I should cook it anyway, then.

We did some packing during nap time, then headed to Rock Falls to meet friends for dinner at the newer Candlelight Inn, where we once again ate Chicken George. I can’t not get Chicken George at Candlelight. Now that I’ve had it twice in a week, I think I’m good for a while. It was a great visit, even though Isabelle was practicing her parkour in the booth and putting her naked feet on the tabletop. I’m beginning to think we may have to suspend our visits to classy joints while the children are young. Or go without them.

Now, the van is mostly loaded and we’re  headed to bed soon for a bright and early wakeup call tomorrow. Off to stay a night with friends in western PA and then on to home the next day. I hope to carry the momentum of the last 10 days with us and make more memories once we get home. I feel like it’s been hard to do anything but sit inside and watch TV and I’ve used the kids’ ages and the intense temperatures as excuses for not doing more. That’s probably some unnecessary Mommy guilt, but I feel it nonetheless.

More memories, here we come!


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