This little piggy

This little piggy was a day old when Isabelle got to hold him. I don’t remember exactly how this idea developed, but since we were home last, we’ve been trying to arrange a time for Isabelle to hold a piglet. Her great-uncle has some hogs on his farm; it was just a matter of us finding a time to go there. The timing was perfect on Saturday, as the piglets had just been born and weren’t as wiggly as the week-old ones she might have held if we’d gone earlier in the week. She wasn’t really sure what to think, but I think she was thrilled, even if she doesn’t look it in these photos. She had to be encouraged to pet it and keep it close to her. But we had a hard time getting her to leave.

Before the piggies, we swam in the same great-uncle’s pool. Corban had a blast, though he wasn’t crazy about the hat. He was kicking up a storm and liked to splash. I call him the next Michael Phelps. No pressure. Isabelle was content to lounge in the floaties, too. We’re terribly unprepared for pool swimming. Guess we’ll have to check the end of season sales. And sign up for swimming lessons.

It was a day for goodbyes. After swimming, piggies and lunch, we bid farewell to Aunt Cassie as she headed back to Kuwait. The kids napped, then we went to dinner with my parents in Rock Falls before heading out to the rockin’ birthday/farewell party for my cousin who begins an exciting journey at Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

To add to the fun, we brought a pinata and filled it with 7 pounds of candy. With a couple of swings, the first person over the age of 5 to hit it broke it and the candy clean-up began. Isabelle took a couple of swings with a sword. At least she didn’t hit daddy.


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