Rollin’ on the river

Could it have gotten any better than a full day at Great America? Oh, yeah. Friday night we were treated to a dinner cruise on the Rock River. Great food, awesome atmosphere and a totally relaxing evening. When we had finished our scrumptious meal of filet mignon, baked potato and sautéed vegetables, we were invited to go topside whenever we were ready. I’d eaten on this boat before, but never had the pleasure of riding on the top deck as the paddlewheel boat cruised the river. It was amazing.

During dinner, we saw a bald eagle perched on a tree limb on the river’s edge. As we cruised, we took in the views of Stronghold Castle and the area’s famous Indian sculpture that towers over the river. Somehow these familiar sights are more spectacular from the river rather than the road.

We enjoyed the quiet of the evening, the chance to be a couple, without children, amongst other couples. A banjo player added to the atmosphere, prompting a few couples to dance.

Best of all, we got to share it with family.

Earlier in the day, we had yet another meal out, sharing lunch with my brother, the kids’ uncle Chris. Cool Uncle Chris from the city, as he likes to call himself, sometimes.  We ate at Sterling’s new Buffalo Wild Wings. And Isabelle got a new “friend.” A teddy bear named Herbert.

Another great vacation day in our summer full of memories.


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