How do I spell relief? H-U-S-B-A-N-D

Day 20. Maybe that title dates me. If you remember the old Rolaids commercial, you’re probably getting old, too.

Both kids were especially needy today, and even though we had a lot of time with family, there still didn’t seem to be enough of me to go around. I kept thinking of something my husband said just after Corban was born and we were learning how to parent two children. He said he appreciated the fact that having two kids meant we had to work together more for their care.

We’re like a tag team, sometimes. Especially at bed time. If I’ve had Corban all day, he’ll take him while I get Isabelle ready for bed. Or, if Corban’s particularly needy and I’m feeding him, Phil will take the Isabelle bed time routine. It works the same with diaper duty, meals and the occasional potty training. I’m so blessed to have a husband who helps.

Right now, though, I feel like I’m in the ring, trying to fend off two wrestlers by myself because my partner is MIA.

No matter how tired either of us is, there’s always a small sense of relief when we can split up the kid duties.

I hope he’s ready to tag in.


2 thoughts on “How do I spell relief? H-U-S-B-A-N-D

  1. I don’t think that reference means you’re getting old…at least I hope not, my cousin used to tell a story that a kid in her class was asked to spell relief and said r-o-l-a-i-d-s and got sent to the office.
    ANYWAY, you’re almost there 🙂
    I think that the ‘tag team’ is what we’re supposed to be in everything, b/c I know that’s how Zach and I are in other relationships, cleaning, and just about everything else. I think that it’s natural to feel worn out without that. However, I think that you’re doing a great job and I’ll tell you again that you amaze me by being able to handle two kids, living in a place that is not you’re own room or bed and not having your partner AND having to balance finding things to do and not getting overwhelmed.

  2. I truly believe that man and wife are supposed to be a tag team. He created us to be one. In order to become one we must work together. God knew we couldn’t do it on our own. Jon and I continue to tag around in different ways….laundry, dishes, cooking (sometimes…I need to work on that one more) taking care of Diesel, running to the store, and finances. Unfortunately, while I am gone, he is stuck doing all of those things by himself. We both miss having someone there to help out.

    You are doing a wonderful Job Lisa! Only one more day!!!!! I love you 🙂 1-2-3

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