Never laugh alone

Day 12. I love Thursdays. Best night of TV in the whole week. I’m usually guaranteed at least one good out loud laugh from the NBC lineup of shows. No matter what else happens on Thursdays, I know I’ll have a time of rest and refreshing after Isabelle goes to bed.

Watching our Thursday shows without my husband just isn’t the same. My parents don’t laugh at the same things I do. Maybe it’s a generation thing. Or a sense of humor thing. There’s something about laughing with other people. I’m not a drinker, but there’s an adage about never drinking alone. The same rule should apply to laughing.


2 thoughts on “Never laugh alone

  1. I agree with the laughing, Zach and I DVR thurs. night shows so we can watch them together, when we lived in Worth we used to have Thursday night parties where all our friends got together, had dinner and laughed, it was amazing. I feel like when you’re laughing with someone you get to know them better and share something special.

  2. I’ve noticed that as well. There are things that I find myself laughing at here, and no one else around me joins in. It’s just not the same. Just like there are certain movies that I can watch by myself and laugh not even once, but when I watch them with Jon or friends and it’s a different story.

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