Settling in

Day 8. It doesn’t seem so weird to be without him. We’ve experienced a full week without husband and daddy, and my confidence in being able to function without him is growing.

Today, I miss him just for him, not for any particular reason. I noticed his absence most in church. When we’re in Pennsylvania, we’re rarely in church together because of his work schedule and then when we are, we’re each with a handful of child. When we’re back home and in church together, we sometimes actually get to sit next to each other and most of the time, my husband will put his arm around me.

Call me sentimental or old-fashioned, but there’s just something about that gesture that makes my heart beat a little faster.


2 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Leaning into Zach is one of my favorite things in church, I feel like it’s so comforting and romantic and…right. It’s just right to be held in the arms of your spouse and love while hearing the words of THE LOVE and feeling His Holy Spirit. I mean, what can be better than being in the love of the two beings that are closest to you? That’s why it’s such an effort to go to church alone, now that I’ve known that feeling it makes me a little sadder not to have it on sundays when he has to work mornings.

  2. I miss the feeling of Jon too. It’s just one of those things that you take for granted when you have it. I loved just his presence, standing next to me. But you’re right about how wonderful it feels to have his arm around me. I think every woman craves that, even if they are too proud to admit it.

    Charlotte, it’s so true being in the embrace of both your love, and THE love. Nothing beats that.

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