No fear

Day 3. Our 2-year-old puked most of today. Fortunately for me, I was with the in-laws, so I didn’t have to deal with it alone. I called my husband twice. He’s a fearless puke-cleaner-upper, and in the face of unknown medical issues, he’s the non-worrier, or at least, he doesn’t show it to me. I needed his strength today. But maybe that’s why this happened when he wasn’t around. Maybe I need to rely on God more, and have confidence that I don’t have to have my husband here.

Oh, and I conquered my fear of being puked on, so I feel like I’ve taken another step on the mom journey.


2 thoughts on “No fear

  1. oh, man. sorry about all the puke. =( i hope she feels better soon!!

    shawn works a lot and goes on week long trips every couple months. when he first started i had a really rough time (for like a year). but now–i’ve got it down. I don’t think that there is any part of the household stuff that i can’t do myself–24/7, garbage, mowing the lawn, bills, scheduling, taking care of all those crazy kids, picking up & dropping off lucy for school with all those crazy kids (!) including all the guy stuff like hanging shelves, digging a garden, fixing bikes, installing carseats & cleaning up puke (ugh–i hate cleaning up puke). and whatever else it takes to run a household. not like i enjoy doing everything–but i just wouldn’t have been able to survive if i didn’t learn how to do everything myself.

    now that i don’t *need* him to be here, i am free to just *want* him to be here & there is a huge difference. Now I miss him because i love him and i love having him around–but at first my missing him was based on fear and self pity and my complete dependency on him for certain things or when things got crazy.

    i love being able to do everything myself if i need to & i think that really frees me up to enjoy our relationship more. i was totally surprised by this–i learned how to do everything as a survival strategy basically, but it ended up making things between us so much better also.

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