Welcome to the new blog. There was nothing necessarily wrong with the old blog, but I was challenged at a writing seminar today to take the next step. This is part of that process. Before any of the sessions even started, I was blessed by the music. Karen Knight, of Heartsongs Ministries and a Sight and Sound actress, performed a song about Moses and his insecurities. I was moved by her take on the conversation Moses had with God when God called him to go to Pharaoh. She challenged us to let go of whatever security we have, like Moses had to throw down his staff, to show God’s glory. Later this evening, as I was reading through my Bible study lesson for today, I felt God confirming this. The author, Beth Moore, references the parable of the 10 minas in Luke 19 and the vine and the branches metaphor in John 15. From those two passages I gleaned this: God wants to multiply what He gives us, and He wants the glory when we bear much fruit.

So, I’m starting a new journey. “Restarting” might be a better way to describe it. I have no idea where God will take me, but all I know is it’s time to go. I can’t say you’ll see a book with my name on it. I can’t say if I’ll be able to report that I’ve been paid for something I wrote. But I hope to be able to say that I’m spending less time on Facebook and more time putting words on the screen, throwing down what I’ve been clinging to, releasing the power of God to do for my writing what he did with a staff … changing it in a way only He can, bringing Him glory.

I hope to see you on the road.


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