So much love to give

We’re expecting baby No. 2 in seven weeks or less, and I’m beginning to wonder if I will have enough love to give two children. Do you ever wonder if there’s a limit to your love?

As I “practice” raising two children under 2, I find myself at times unable to love someone else’s daughter as much as I love my own. Maybe that’s not required of me, but I can see a difference sometimes in how I treat them. And I worry that my love for Isabelle will grow less when a new baby enters our world or that I’ll find myself struggling to love them both equally.
How do you do it, parents with multiple children? Do I worry for nothing? Does love increase with the number of children in your house and you find yourself with more to give? Is this just pregnancy hormones and third trimester anxiety kicking in?
“For God so loved the world …” I read in John 3:16; how does He do it? I know He’s God, but the world, is well, big, to say the least, and growing bigger every day. I’m in awe of His infinite capacity to love, even those who don’t want anything to do with Him.
So, I pray to be more loving, to be full of God’s love because on my own, I haven’t enough. And I trust I’ll find a way to love my daughter as much as a new baby and vice versa.
Lord, I don’t have it in me to love the world as You do; all I ask is for enough love to give to those You give to me. Amen.

4 thoughts on “So much love to give

  1. Lisa,This is definitely a common worry of mom's who are soon to be a mom to multiple children. But I can tell you from experience your love definitely expands. You will see this new life that you & Phil helped create & you will "feel the love"!! This baby will be different from Izzy & for that you will love it, but you will also love the similarities! It's amazing & even though I experience it every day, it still boggles my mind! I am completely "in love" with all my girls! The same & different!!Becoming a parent definitely gave me a new & more extensive understanding of God my Father! Not to say that I have anywhere near the understanding of what I should, but I'm definitely more thankful & humbled by his unconditional love for me!!

  2. Hello Lisa, God bless you for being so real with your inner emotion. I agree with Katie also. I have four adult children ages: 33, 32, 30 and 27, three boys and one girl. I can remember many days of not being sure of how long I could love on my babies. Just when all hope seem to fail. One of my babies would say something sweet or do something silly. And yes just as mommykendra said when you sit back and watch your children love on each other it brings great joy to your heart. As for the world God gives it to us a little at a time. This is why Jesus did it all for you and me. He first love us. God Bless you and your little new one. Your love will grow in leaps and bounds. Enjoy the ride. Pastor Zora Harris.

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